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Here is a typical story of a victim:

Name: Sarah
Age: 16
Lives: Suffolk

" I used to think i'd never take drugs. I was happy enough - what did I need drugs for?. If only things had stayed that way"

" The first time I took speed I just wanted to try it once - to see what it was like. We were going to this party, and my friends said that we'd have a better night if we were off our heads. I can't remember much about the party now. I felt so tired afterwards - really done in.

I started going out with these friends quite a bit - they knew where all the good parties were. We'd meet up on a Saturday night and take some whizz to see us through. We were having a brilliant time. My other friends at school seemed immature and boring.

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After school, we'd meet up and smoke some spliffs. I could never be bothered to do any homework when I got home - I always felt so tired. When I failed the end of year exams I had this massive row with my dad. I hated being at school and I hated being at home. I started stealing money from my mum's purse to pay for the drugs and the nights out. I knew I was letting her down - but it had got so I only felt good when I was off my head on something.

There was this big night out planned. I wanted to try some E - but I was broke. Me and a mate went into town and nicked some stuff from one of the department stores. I was really scared. We thought we'd got away with it, but then the store detective came up to me - it was the worst moment of my life.

The police told my parents - and now dad won't speak to me. He says he never thought his daughter would turn out to be a thief. My friends at school have found out about the shoplifting and some of them are keeping away from me. I don't know how all this happened. I never thought I'd be in trouble with the police. It's going to take a long time before people trust me again - I just wish everything was back to normal.



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